Borče Šabanoski is a musician, guitarist, composer, music arranger and producer born in 1967 in Prilep. Elementary music school ends in Prilep with instrument harmonica. He starts with playing guitar from age 12. He was a member of several groups such as: Garda, Risto Bombata i Kučeška tenija, Ben Hur and played with many famous music names like: Dejan Kuzmanoski, Valentino Skenderovski, Trajko Karov, Brejk, Davor Jordanovski, etc.

During the years of studying in Skopje he is actively working in the group “Garda” (together with Kristijan Gabroski, Valentino Lausoski and Vedran Vojnić) with which he is recording an album, a maxi cassette and several singles. With “Garda” he performs at various concerts and festivals throughout Macedonia. At the Pop Rock Festival in Skopje in 1991, organized by the magazine “Ekran” Borče was awarded as the best guitarist.

After “Garda” Borce, Kristijan and Valentino formed “Risto Bombata i Kučeška tenija” (Risto The Bomb & Dog Tapeworm) and published two studio albums, single cassette and comic book and held numerous concerts at disco clubs throughout Macedonia. Their biggest concert was in late 1993 at “Kale” the hall in Skopje, for which there is a video in the archive of MRTV.

The group “Ben Hur” is formed by Borče in 1995 immediately after the breakup of the “Risto Bombata i Kučeška tenija“, together with Duško Temelkoski, Tode Ilioski and Dime Dzagaduroski. “Ben Hur” is recording the album “Seks, pivo, rokenrol” (Sex, Beer, Rock and Roll) after which he has been conducting a series of concerts throughout Macedonia. Since 2003, Igor Jurinoski joined the band as the main singer, after which they recorded new songs and videos. They participate in music festival “Ohrid Fest” in 2004 and 2005.

Since 2001 he has been working in his project studio as a composer, music arranger and producer and participates with authorial songs at various festivals for adults and children in Macedonia and abroad. With the song “Rodendenski baknež” (Birthday kiss), which is his author’s work and is sung by Denis Dimoski, he participates at Junior Eurosong in Belgium in 2005 as a representative of Macedonia. He is present with author songs of Mak Fest, Ohrid Fest, Euro Fest, Kaneo Fest, various children’s festivals in Macedonia and abroad, where he won several awards. At the children’s music festival “Asterisks” in Prilep he is an artistic director. He is making a music for theater and multimedia projects, as well as music for advertising spots.